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What is Dholera SIR?

India’s first Smart City DSIR, located approximately 100 km South West Of Ahmedabad. Being India’s first self-sustaining smart city, it offers infinite possibilities for growth and advanced infrastructure. Spanning approximately 920 sq km, it will be a city even bigger than the city of Ahemdabad. It is strategically located between the industrial cities of Baroda, Bhavnagar, Ahmedabad, and Rajkot. DSIR is capable to cater to both domestic and international Markets.

Why invest in
Dholera SIR?

  • Includes industries, utility & logistic infrastructure, and Social Infrastructure including education, healthcare, and other public amenities.
  • Economically and socially balanced new-age city with world-class infrastructure and the highest quality-of-life standards. 
  • Efficient connectivity within the city, neighboring cities, and the rest of the Country.
  • Expected to become a prominent EV manufacturing hub.
  • The world’s largest single-location ‘Ultra Mega Solar Power Park’ will be built in Dholera, it has already been approved by the Central Government.
  • An international airport is being developed by Dholera International Airport Company Limited.

Dholera Connectivity

Where to invest in Dholera?

Activation Area

The Activation area is the most favorable place to invest as it has the roads and infrastructure ready.

Industrial, Residential & High Access Land

Any industrial, residential or High access land in Activation Area would give you the maximum returns.

Linear TP

High access or residential land in Linear TP or in close proximity to a 250-meter trunk highway would bring 10x results.

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